Covenant of the Goddess’ 2019 Merry Meet & Grand Council set for August in the High Desert

Join us for a magickal time in the desert.

What do YOU want from a Pagan festival? High Desert Magick has it ALL.

…MUSIC? We’ve got SJ Tucker, the Crow Women, and Wendy Rule!


…WORKSHOPS? We’ve got two full days of everything from Evolutionary Astrology to Pagan Prepping (come find out what that is)! And a full day of Leadership Institute explorations of the nature of Nature, revitalizing your Witchness, and more!

…VENDORS? We’ve got Coyote Tales jewelry to festival wear to clergy stoles!

…LIVE AUCTION? Saturday evening before the concerts! 

…GOODIES? We’ve got New Mexico-themed goody bags for the Tasty Taco and Whole Enchilada levels of registration!

…FUN? We need YOU to add to the fun we’re going to have!

…SCHMOOZING? Reconnect with old friends, and make new ones all weekend! Elders, authors, and activists will be here!

THE RIO GRANDE NATURE CENTER? It’s our Sunday special treat!

OK, so who are WE?
We are the Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), and we’re holding our annual Merry Meet (the Festival), Grand Council (the Annual Meeting), and Leadership Institute (a chance to deepen your Witch practice) August 15-18, 2019 at the Rio Grande Inn in Albuquerque and at Ardantane, sponsored by the Chamisa Local Council of CoG.

Already enticed and want to register?

Choose your level:

  • $25 Simple Sopapilla (workshops)
  • $30 Best Biscochito (all three concerts)
  • $50 Tasty Taco (workshops, concerts, goody bag)
  • $100 Whole Enchilada (Tasty Taco PLUS Leadership, Drumming up the Moon, and Rio Grande Nature Center)

Use this link: (Grand Council (the meeting only) Friday and Saturday, is free for Members of CoG)

Want more details? Here they are:

DRUMMING UP THE FULL MOON: Register for the Whole Enchilada and you get to join the drumming Thursday night!

WORKSHOPS: At Merry Meet Friday and Saturday: Everything at and more, including:   

  • Beginning Energy Healing with Gus DiZerega   
  • Intro to American Tribal Style Belly Dance with KareIsis   
  • Around the Wheel of the Year in Song with the Crow Women   
  • Music and Magic TBA with Wendy Rule   
  • Integrative Witch Health and the Manifestation of Great Power with
  • Lady Athena   
  • The Future of Paganism with Blaine, Brandon & Friends of Pooter and Keida

Register for the Simple Sopapilla (workshops only), the Tasty Taco, or the Whole Enchilada and all these workshops are yours—FREE lunch is included!

During Leadership Institute, Thursday at Ardantane (Included in the Whole Enchilada, and FREE lunch is included), 


  • Deep Ecology: Creating Relationship with the Land 
  • Deep Communication: Sharing What Matters   
  • Rediscovering and Renewing Your Spiritual Life   
  • The Craft of the Wise: What is Wisdom?   
  • The Har Hou: Raising Power with Circle Dances   

VENDORS: At Merry Meet Friday and Saturday: Everything at and more!

GOODY BAGS for Tasty Taco and Whole Enchilada levelsA bit of almost everything New Mexico…well, maybe not everything!

FUN and SCHMOOZING: Comes with all four levels of registration; bring it on! You’ll have the opportunity to mingle with elders, authors, and activists from all over the country over lunch, dinner, and snacks!

RIO GRANDE NATURE CENTER: Sunday morning for the Whole Enchilada:

Things to keep in mind…Non-smoking; vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free lunches and hors d’oeuvres available; wheelchair/scooter accessible.

TO RESERVE YOUR ROOM, call the Rio Grande Inn at 505-843-9500 and mention COVENANT OF THE GODDESS to get the group rate.


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