Statement from CoG

ANAHEIM, CA. The Covenant of the Goddess, an organization built upon the premise of harming none, promoting acts that uphold love, life, freedom, and the celebration of diversity in faith practices, is well aware of damages done when racism is permitted to grow and root itself in our culture and government.

We celebrate and guard the sacredness of diversity, therefore we stand opposed to racism in all its forms as well as any form of prejudice, discrimination, and inequality that seeks to harm or reduce the well-being of anyone on the basis of their diversity.

We grieve the death of George Floyd and all victims of systemic racism and offer our deepest sympathies to Mr. Floyd’s family and the many families who have suffered violence and loss.

We recognize your deep pain.

We live in a system that contains culturally ingrained racism that is maintained by white supremacy.

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and everyone who has mobilized to defeat these elements of our culture. We stand with you and we will support you personally and spiritually.


Janine Nelson, National Public Information Officer Covenant of the Goddess

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