Litha 2020

Greetings Fellow CoG Members,

As we celebrate this longest day of the year, we are reminded that the Wheel has turns once more to the Summer Solstice.  Embracing the Sun’s light helps strengthen and nourish us in mind, body and spirit.  Try to get outside and enjoy these warmer days of summer.  Collectively as a people, we have had to face many challenges this year, and more than we had expected.  And we are aware that there will be more challenges ahead of us, but we shall preserver and work through these challenges together.

The “Board” consisting of National Officer and LC Reps have been diligently meeting and discussing the upcoming Virtual Grand Council and setting plans on how we will be able to best assist the membership have the best online experience.  Additionally, we have had to move the original scheduled date back a week to accommodate the needs of the National Membership Officer with the many tasks she will have to manage and prepare us to fully meet the requirements of our annual business meeting. 
The new dates for our Virtual Grand Council are August 14th – 16th

To assist the board, kindly help us by following the requested deadlines for Quorum Forms and Proposals to be submitted to us by July 15th.  We have lots to accomplish this year and working to host a Virtual Grand Council, which is no small task.  Your cooperation and assistance on meeting the suggested deadlines is greatly appreciated.  This will help to keep everyone’s stress levels down during this time of the global pandemic crisis.

We are still working to review a few differing online meeting platforms to host our Virtual Grand Council, and we hope to have more news on what we find in the next couple of weeks.  We look to make this a productive and inspiring Grand Council, as we all meet from a distance to fulfill this important need of the Covenant.

Our dutiful NetCo has been actively working on the new web-server and our CoG Website to finalize the complete and total mover over of our information.  All the Forums are up and working and many folks have accessed the new member’s area of our website.  We need all members of the Covenant to establish their personal connection to our website and member’s area.  If you missed the first announcement and sent instructions, please reach out to your Local Council Rep to help get you in touch with Canu to get your re-authorization email with instructions resent to you.  Our goal is to have all members accessing the CoG website member’s area before our Grand Council.  Please let us know if you need our help…  

Wishing you all a very Blessed Litha and Happy Summer Solstice!

With Radiance,
Lord Verderius
National First Officer

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